How writing about schapelle changed my life

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In Bonella embarked on a private project, writing Schapelle Corby’s “My Story”, reprinted in as “No More Tomorrows” and now translated in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch.

the story was the catalyst that changed my life, inspiring me to write an expose of life. Another great blog Ben. Wednesdays at my office job are so boring that when you're blog gets posted, I could kiss you, for the entertainment it provides me for 15 mins or so.I really gotta book my next trip.

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Teen fugitives run down cop in hit-and-run horror. Officer down QUEENSLAND’S police community is praying for a young constable fighting for his life in hospital after being dragged down a road.

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Schapelle's sister, Mercedes Corby, and her Balinese husband were spending five months in Bali when Schapelle was arrested. Mercedes' poignant, very moving account of how all their lives have changed is in last Sunday's Telegraph.

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